White Collar Criminal Defense

After the near-collapse of the American banking system, the prosecution of Enron and other high-profile cases, and highly publicized trials for insider trading (as in the case of Martha Stewart), companies and individual executives have increasingly found themselves under a government magnifying glass.

This heightened scrutiny has not been confined to regulatory action but has often resulted in criminal investigations and prosecutions. Enforcement actions have increased in health care, securities, banking, antitrust, government contracting, mortgage loan fraud, and under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – to name just a few. Executives are sometimes shocked to find that their business decisions may lead the government to seek felony convictions, lengthy prison terms and enormous fines.

Our attorneys have deep experience in defending these types of cases and are recognized by our peers for their exceptional talent. Jennifer Keller and Kay Anderle are listed in “The Best Lawyers in America®” in White Collar Criminal Defense. Jennifer, a career defense lawyer, has defended high-profile white collar prosecutions for over 35 years in state and federal court.  And Kay, a veteran of the District Attorney’s Office, has concentrated her practice on state court white collar defense, with excellent results.

Jennifer and Kay count among their major successes the many cases they have persuaded prosecutors not to file, or which have been disposed of pre- or post-indictment on favorable terms. The key to achieving these outcomes is early intervention, meticulous preparation and thorough investigation, along with knowledge of the internal workings of the various prosecuting offices. Other indispensible elements are the superior reputations and credibility our attorneys bring to the table when arguing for a no-filing decision or negotiating a reduced penalty.

  • Represented an executive at a chrome wheel company on numerous counts of felony illegal discharge of toxic substances into stream bed.  After extensive litigation and payment of remediation expenses, all charges dismissed.
Conflict of interest/governmental
  • Represented the Orange County CAO in Orange County bankruptcy litigation with the District Attorney and SEC, as well in civil litigation.  Client was never charged with a crime, fined, or ordered to pay restitution.
  • Represented a major landscaping contractor on multiple felony charges he entered into an illegal scheme to secure a multi-million-dollar contract with the County of Orange.
  • Represented the Sheriff of Orange County in an investigation by the state Attorney General into claims of misuse of his public office.  Grand jury convened; no indictment obtained.  (Client was indicted in a separate federal investigation, in which he was represented by different counsel.)
  • Represented real estate developer on felony charges that he used campaign contributions as a bribe to secure a $100 million settlement with the County of San Bernardino in an alleged pay-to-play corruption scheme.
  • Represented former public school district superintendent in federal and state investigations into claims of misuse of his office.
  • Represented leading global financial services firm as defendant in a contempt action and forced plaintiff to dismiss the case.
Medical and health care fraud
  • Represented the former chief of gastroenterology at a major Southern California hospital, and professor of medicine at UCLA, on an indictment alleging conspiracy to commit insurance fraud.  District Attorney alleged fraud was in excess of $100 million.
  • In same case listed above, represented physician in action by the state Attorney General to suspend client’s license to practice medicine while criminal case pending.  Motion denied; client continues to practice.  (Both codefendant physicians represented by different lawyers lost their licenses.)
  • Represented a pharmacist/pharmacy owner being investigated by U.S. Attorney for multi-million dollar violation of Pharmaceutical Drug Marketing Act; negotiated a no-prison time disposition.
  • Represented a physician in the UCI fertility clinic litigation, both civil and criminal.  Federal prosecutor was seeking indictments on mail and wire fraud for alleged false billings.  Client was the only doctor, of four in the group, not indicted by the U.S. Attorney.
  • Represented physician on an indictment alleging insurance and billing fraud.  District Attorney alleged fraud was in excess of $25 million.
  • Represented the business manager of medical practice on an indictment alleging insurance fraud, billing fraud, and illegal kickbacks.
  • Represented an acute care center in an investigation by the California Attorney General into claims of patient endangerment and elder abuse.
Legal services fraud
  • Represented, through jury verdict, a lawyer charged with engineering the then-largest insurance fraud case in the history of California, a massive RICO prosecution alleging $200 million dollars worth of over-billing to insurance carriers for legal fees.  Acquitted on over half the counts.
Investor Fraud
  • Represent the principal of an investment company in a District Attorney investigation into a $54 million Ponzi scheme and sale of unlicensed securities.
Mortgage loan fraud
  • Represented the target of investigation into over $200 million dollar mortgage loan fraud scheme.  No indictment.
  • Represented investor charged with mortgage loan fraud in state court based on multiple incidents in two counties.   After hotly contested litigation, case dismissed for lack of territorial jurisdiction and denial of a continuous preliminary hearing.
  • Represent the president of an appraisal company charged with conspiracy to commit mortgage loan fraud and identity theft.
  • Represent the CEO of a mortgage loan company under investigation for mortgage loan fraud.
Movie Piracy
  • Represented defendant on federal charges of illegally uploading and distributing pre-release film by major motion picture studio.  Studio sought hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution.  Negotiated sentence of straight probation with U.S. Attorney.  Persuaded court to order no restitution.
  • Representing executive of failed bank on federal investigation into misstatements of earnings.  No indictment will be brought.
  • Represented a savings and loan officer and venture capital investor on federal charges in three states on completely separate cases involving multimillion dollar 1) misapplication of funds, 2) defrauding an insurance company, 3) bank fraud. Cases were ultimately wrapped up for a 16-month sentence in a minimum security facility in California.
Corporate investigation
  • Retained by a billion dollar company to do an extensive internal investigation that uncovered illegal kickbacks to highly placed employees.  Several employees terminated.
Consumer fraud
  • Represent regional automobile dealership network in felony action alleging failure to transfer vehicle title to consumers.

Latest News

  • Jennifer Keller and Reuben Camper Cahn selected as “Top 100 Lawyers in California”
    September 16, 2021

    The selection of more than one partner at a firm is remarkable for even the largest law firms and particularly so for a boutique firm,” says managing partner Kay Anderle. “This honor attests to the outstanding capabilities of not just Jennifer and Reuben but other KA attorneys who work behind-the-scenes to achieve success for our clients.” 

  • Best Lawyers® in America names Jennifer Keller Top Orange County Lawyer for White Collar Criminal Defense
    August 25, 2021

    In addition to the “Lawyer of the Year” honor, Ms. Keller was also selected as a Best Lawyer® in the practice areas of Bet-the-Company Litigation, Commercial Litigation, and Litigation-Intellectual Property.  

  • Five KA attorneys selected by Best Lawyers® in America
    August 20, 2021

    Attorneys and their areas of practice selected are: Jennifer Keller for bet-the-company litigation, commercial litigation, intellectual property litigation, and white collar criminal defense; Kay Anderle for commercial litigation, legal malpractice-plaintiffs, and white collar criminal defense; Chase Scolnick for qui tam law and white collar criminal defense; Reuben Camper Cahn for white collar criminal defense; and Shaun A. Hoting for commercial litigation.

  • Major Legal Malpractice Lawsuit Settled in CashCall v. Katten Muchin Rosenman
    August 16, 2021

    A tentative settlement has been reached on behalf of CashCall, Inc. in a major legal malpractice lawsuit against Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP. Keller/Anderle LLP, attorneys for CashCall, had previously filed a $950 million lawsuit in 2017 and the case was set to begin trial on August 16th.