Billionaire Bill Gross and his wife, Amy, were found guilty of contempt today by Judge Kimberly A. Knill of the Orange County Superior Court.  The judge handed down the maximum possible sentence for both Bill and Amy—five days in jail and a $1,000 fine.  “Mr. Gross is in treacherous territory; if he violates the judge’s order again, he faces a year in jail,” says Chase Scolnick, lead counsel for Keller/Anderle.

Chase Scolnick (above, with his clients the Towfiqs) and Jay Barron of Keller/Anderle LLP prosecuted the case against the Grosses.  “We hope this will end the nightmare our clients have suffered at the hands of the Grosses, but given his behavior today, that hope may be in vain,” says Scolnick.