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We thrive on the tough cases: the ones where your company, fortune or liberty are on the line. Bring us your biggest problem to solve. We’ll get it done.

Members of Keller/Anderle LLP have over 400 jury trials among them, with an unparalleled record of success. We win and win big. And we square off against some of the nation’s biggest firms. Our practice focuses on high-stakes litigation of all types – the really difficult cases — including commercial, intellectual property, securities, bad faith, white collar criminal defense, class actions, and entertainment/sports.

We see ourselves as old-fashioned barristers who can try any kind of case, and we’ve proven it by prevailing against some of the nation’s major law firms. Over $925 million in verdicts and judgments for our plaintiff clients, and successfully defended many other high-stakes cases.  The firm includes some of the best minds in the profession – and some of the most intuitive.


Most major law firms have litigation partners with very little — and surprisingly often, absolutely no – jury trial experience.  When trial looms, they may settle the case for far less (or more) than it’s worth, because of fear or merely because they have no idea what to do in front of actual jurors.

We try cases.  All of our preparation is done with trial in mind.  We’re not interested in running up billable hours for their own sake.  We use pre-trial discovery to support and craft our story at trial.  We don’t make needless motions, take irrelevant depositions or expend resources in unwarranted adversarial jousting.  We invest our time and energy advancing the ball and furthering our strategy.  Everything we do is oriented toward achieving a successful outcome.

Most cases never make it to trial.  But great trial lawyers get the great settlements.  When the other side knows you try and win cases, are meticulously prepared and relish the battle, the client gets maximum value.  The opposite is true, too – when the other side knows you have no track record at trial and smells blood in the water, settlement value is greatly diminished.


The same skills that win cases before juries come into play during arbitration and mediation.  Knowing how to present evidence in a compelling, persuasive way to judges and arbitrators is a rare skill.  They, too, can tell a top trial lawyer when they see one – and factor that into what your case is worth.


“Biglaw” knows just one way of operating: the billable hour.  Straight billable-hour fee arrangements encourage fee inflation, needlessly high staffing, and bloated discovery and motion practice.  With layers of associates and senior associates, junior partners and senior partners on each case, whole teams of lawyers are used to produce the simplest memos. Each attorney knows only a portion of the case, and “lead counsel” may not know much at all without briefing from others. Every court appearance involves a parade.

On civil cases we prefer to align our interests with yours.  We work with you to negotiate flat, contingency, reverse-contingency and hybrid fees, the latter at substantially reduced rates from our normal hourly.  We think it’s better for everyone when we have skin in the game.  And we staff our cases leanly.  The result?  Each team member knows the whole case, and can tell you exactly what is going on at any time.  You get efficient, surgical handling of your case.

Some clients are more comfortable with hourly billing, or perhaps the case is of a type that simply doesn’t lend itself to alternative fee arrangements.  We’re happy to sign hourly fee agreements, too.  But you still benefit from our firm culture of lean, intense staffing, and a targeted approach to litigation.


Keller/Anderle LLP is 100% Women-Owned.  Our lawyers are recognized by our peers as the best of the best.  Our awards include member of the California Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame; California Lawyer Magazine Attorneys of the Year (the CLAY Awards) in Litigation; The Lawdragon 500 Leading Lawyers in America; annual inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America (including “Lawyer of the Year” recognition); Los Angeles Magazine’s Super Lawyers, The Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal’s “Top 100 Lawyers in California” and “Top Women Lawyers” lists; The San Francisco Recorder, Attorneys of the Year; election to the Litigation Counsel of America; the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers; The Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum; awards from the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association as Business Litigation Attorney of the Year and Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year, and many more.

Keller/Anderle LLP is rated Tier One by U.S. News and World Report, an honor generally reserved for much larger law firms.

And name partner Jennifer Keller is among the most sought-after speakers both in California and nationally for seminars on trial tactics, as well as for events in the legal community.


We believe in service to the bar and the community beyond it, which has the ancillary benefit of giving us influence with and access to decision-makers in many fields.

Our lawyers have served as President of the Orange County Bar Association, president and board members of its charitable fund, on various committees of the OCBA, the board of Orange County Women Lawyers, the State Bar Blue Ribbon Commission on Jury Reform, the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization, the Regional Board of the Anti-Defamation League, the Board of Directors of the Trusteeship for the Betterment of Women, the Board of Trustees for the UC Hastings Foundation, the Board of Advisors of Chapman University Dale Fowler School of Law, and the Board of Trustees of Chapman University.


We use the latest technology to do outstanding work with fewer lawyers in a more efficient way.  We compile databases, use transcript search programs, computerized legal research, trial presentation software and other programs in innovative ways that allow us to compete with much larger firms.   We are always looking for ways to streamline our operations, which saves the client money while making us more nimble as trial lawyers.

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