Excerpts from CNN article:

“He never became the international star like Kevin Spacey,” said Jennifer Keller, an attorney for Spacey. “He was seething and seething with resentment the whole time.”

“This is a case of objective facts that refute the story that Mr. Rapp is telling,” Keller said.

Spacey’s legal team disputes several details of Rapp’s story, including Rapp’s recollection of seeing Spacey appear at a “door” of his apartment when a party he had been throwing was empty. Keller showed a floor plan of the apartment Spacey stayed in, showing that it was an alcove studio, with no wall near the designated sleeping area.

“Mr. Rapp’s whole story hinges on there being a bedroom.”

Keller claimed that in his allegations against Spacey, Rapp “borrowed” details from the plot of the Broadway play Precious Sons, in which he was acting at the time the alleged incident took place.

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