Many firms hold themselves out as “premier” trial firms that can handle any sort of case from a dog bite or slip and fall to “bet-the-company” business litigation for Fortune 100 companies.  But while a great trial lawyer’s skills can be transferred to many different types of cases, not all firms are built the same; firms’ business models will invariably favor one type of case over another.

Fantastic trial lawyers often get their start in similar places – many begin as public defenders or prosecutors handling dozens, if not hundreds of cases, in a short time, and getting numerous trials under their belts as a result.  Others might get their start handling small matters on behalf of civil plaintiffs or as insurance panel counsel.  But despite starting in similar situations, trial lawyers typically branch out in different directions as their practices grow and evolve.  Some build (or join) firms around a model of handling many small matters in a particular subject matter, like traffic or workplace accidents.  These firms achieve efficiencies from the similarities among their cases that allow them to resolve most matters quickly.  Firms built around a model of resolving high volumes of simple cases as quickly as possible are efficient and effective at what they do, but they are simply not designed, staffed, or resourced for complex cases.

Successfully handling numerous small or simple cases is not the same thing as handling large, complex matters.  Difficult cases, involving complicated transactions, numerous witnesses, multiple jurisdictions, evolving areas of law, and sophisticated, well-resourced opponents require savvy, experienced trial counsel who are comfortable with complexity, and don’t shy away from challenges.  These are the lawyers who didn’t grow their practice by relying on volume.  They built and expanded on their skills by taking increasingly more complex cases.

We bring together the country’s top trial advocates with highly skilled and experienced civil litigators from the best large firms.  Our trial teams comprise storytellers, strategists, and scholars, who build the best possible case for our client and explain it clearly and convincingly to the court and jury.  We don’t handle simple matters.  We thrive on complexity and relish a challenge.  We prepare every case as though it will go to trial.  We litigate aggressively.  And we win.

Our bread and butter is the bet the company litigation.  Bring us your toughest case.  We’ll get the job done.